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VRLA-GEL Deep cycle Gel Batteries

Voltage: 6V,12V
Capacity: 33AH to 250AH
Designed Service Life:15years (Designed floating service life at 25℃)

VRLA-GEL Deep cycle Gel Batteries

DPG Series models (12V Cells)

General Characteristics

Capacity range: 33Ah-270Ah (25℃)

Nominal Voltages:12V

Number of cycles (25℃)

30%DOD:1700cycles (12V/6V) 2000 cycles (2V)

50%DOD:800cycles  (12V/6V) 1200 cycles (2V)

100%DOD:400cycles (12V/6V)  500 cycles (2V)

Can be used in deep/shallow discharge cycle

Low self-discharge rate: ≤2%/month (25℃)

Long design life:15 years(25℃)

Operation temperature range:-20~50℃

Recommended operation temperature 25℃

Design Features

Longer Service Life

High Reliability and Quality

Good deep discharge cycle capability

Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge

Application Examples

Standby power supply/ UPS / Power supply / Telecommunication system / Solar system /Wind systems /Power station 

DPG General Technical Specifications