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Replace rechargeable Panasonic battery 24V 25.2V 26V 15.6Ah 20.8Ah 23.2Ah Li-ion Lithium Battery pack for Electric bicycle

Replace rechargeable Panasonic battery 24V 25.2V 26V 15.6Ah 20.8Ah 23.2Ah Li-ion Lithium Battery pack for Electric bicycle

Replacement Battery for Panasonic System Battery Pack Bicycle Battery Compatible Panasonic Drives Bicycle Battery

Main Features

1) Elegant design with Propocol for Panasonic system

2) High capacity which can contain 42 PCs 18650 battery cells.

3) Li-ion 18650 battery cells 2900mAh high capacity, name brands Panasonic,Samsung,Sanyo in great performance. 

4) Environment friendly and no harzard to human and our home.

5) Long cycle life, ensure 2 years working life.



24V /25.2V /26V


13.2Ah / 15.6Ah / 17.4Ah / 20.4Ah /23.2Ah /27.2Ah


26.1 x 10.2 x 14.4 (cm)




Black / Silver /Gray

Battery Location

Attaches to your bicycle Frame

Charging time

11.5 hours on average

Riding distance

170 km under normal conditions

Battery Type

18650 Lithium-ion


Tested and Protected against rain and dust

Replace battery code

NKY210B2, NKY210B02, NKY224B2, NKY224B02, NKY226B2, NKY226B02, NKY231B2, NKY231B02, NKY236B2, NKY236B02, NKY246B2, NKY246B02,
NKY252B2, NKY252B02, NKY252B2, NKY252B02, NKY259B2, NKY259B02, NKY265B2, NKY265B02, NKY266B2, NKY266B02, NKY269B2, NKY269B02,
NKY267B2, NKY267B02, NKY281B2, NKY281B02, NKY284B2, NKY284B02, NKY289B2, NKY289B02, NKY303B2, NKY303B02, NKY304B2, NKY304B02,
NKY306B2, NKY306B02, NKY311B2, NKY311B02, NKY312B2, NKY312B02, NKY318B2, NKY318B02, NKY314B2, NKY314B02, NKY316B2, NKY316B02,
NKY317B2, NKY317B02, NKY334B2, NKY334B02, NKY335B2, NKY335B02, NKY336B2, NKY336B02, NKY337B2, NKY337B02, NKY358B2, NKY374B2,
NKY374B02, NKY376B2, NKY376B02,NKY177B02, NKY190B02, NKY197B02 NKY203, NKY233, NKY236B2, NKY362B2, NKY467B2, NKY370B2, NKY352B2, NKY359B2, NKY349B2, NKY388b2,NKY437B2, NKY430B2, NKY431b2, NKY397b2, NKY428b2, NKY363b02, NKY506B2, NKY368B2, NKY353B2, NKY483B2

Fits a range of bicycles including

C-Serie Premium (2007-2012), Let op: past niet op C-Serie Deluxe !
I:sy-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
K-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
L-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
S-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
Tandem Premium (2007-2012)
T-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
Vouwfiets Premium (2007-2012)
V-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
X-Serie Premium (2007-2012)
Kalkhoff Agattu C3 Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Agattu C7 Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Agattu C8 26 Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Agattu P7 26 Nexus (2013)
Kalkhoff Agattu P8 26 Nexus (2013)
Kalkhoff Agattu P8 26 XXL Nexus (2013)
Kalkhoff Pro Connect C8 Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Pro Connect C9 LX Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Sahel C7 Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Sahel C8 Nexus (2012)
Kalkhoff Sahel C8 HS Nexus (2012)
Kettler Twing Ergo (2013)
Raleigh Dover (2012)
Raleigh Dover De Luxe (2012)
Raleigh Dover De Luxe 7 (2013)
Raleigh Dover De Luxe 8 (2012-2013)
Raleigh Leeds HS (2012)
Raleigh Leeds Premium (2012)
Raleigh Leeds Roller (2012)
Raleigh Leeds (2012)
Raleigh Stoker DD (2012)
Raleigh Stoker Lite (2012)
Raleigh Stoker Lite Premium (2012)
Simplex Firenze C8 (2011)
Simplex Milano C7 (2011)
Simplex Pedelec 8V (2011)
Simplex Roma-e C8 (2011)